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I Love Amazon Prime In CanadaYou might have heard the “great news” that Amazon Prime is now available in Canada… but can you access Amazon Instant Streaming in Canada?

Tuns out, the two biggest reasons why anyone gets Amazon Prime (Amazon Instant Streaming and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library) are NOT included in the Amazon Prime Package being offered at

Just another example of how Canadians are getting hosed when it comes to the digital delivery of content and even physical goods up here on the top side of the 49th parallel north.

In case you don’t know… I used to live in the United States.  I spent close to a decade south of the border and although I’m very (very) happy to be back living in Canada, I miss all the amazing free content that you can stream from services like Amazon Instant Streaming and hulu.

If you don’t know, Amazon Instant Video offers over 15,000 titles to be streamed instantly on your schedule from a wide variety of devices including your TV, computer, iPhone, android, iPad, tablet and more.

You can see for yourself that there are nearly 16,000 Prime eligible titles that you’re missing out on (until now that is) simply because you live outside of the USA:

The Number of Titles That Can Be Streamed On Amazon Prime

Like so many other great content streaming sites, Amazon Prime is not available up here in Canada.  If you do in fact have a US-based Amazon Prime account, but aren’t in the USA you will see this very ugly sight when you try to stream your first movie or TV show:

No Prime For You

Now, you can let this defeat you or you can use this as motivation to learn how to use a sneaky (and very simple) solution to get around this geo-block so you can access Amazon Instant Streaming in Canada.

If you have a few minutes I’d love to show you the easy steps you can take right now so you can start watching Amazon Instant Streaming from Canada today.  You ready? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Get HMA

HMA stands for, well… it’s a bit of a naughty name but still safe for work.  Naughty name or not, this amazing piece of software is a powerhouse.  The essence of HMA is a way for you to securely encrypt and re-route your internet connection through one of HMA’s US-based servers.  This is the sign up form you will see when you go to sign up for HMA:

Preview of HMA's Sign Up Form

What this allows you to do is to have your computer virtually reside in the USA which means that when you go to visit Amazon Instant Streaming it will appear that you’re living in the United States and Amazon will have no problems letting you stream the free content.

Step 2: Download and Setup HMA

After you have signed up for HMA, you will want to click on the “download HMA” link located in the nav menu on the top left of the page.  It should only take a few minutes for HMA to be downloaded and installed on your computer.  After this process is completed you will want to set HMA up for maximum efficiency.

In order to do that, you will need to change a whopping total of one (1) setting.  Trust me, you CAN handle this!

After many tests I have found that it’s best to simply set up HMA to randomly select one of the closest 10 servers in the USA.  What this setting does is it allows HMA to connect to and re-route your internet connection through one of the 10 closest servers south of the boarder.  By allowing it to pick one of the 10 it will check to see what kind of load the server is handling currently and will skip over servers that are approaching their load capacity.

Don’t worry about HMA ever being overloaded as they have 179 servers and over 22,000 IP addresses in the United States alone.  In total they have over 345 servers in 53 countries and, a staggering, 40,918 IP addresses and counting.

And trust me… when it comes to Pro VPNs the BIGGER the BETTER!

Here is what the setting will look like on your HMA dashboard:

HMA Setup Amazon Prime In Canada - Step 1

After you have selected the option suggested above all you need to do is click the “connect to VPN” button and a little bit of magic will happen behind the scenes and in no time you will be a virtual citizen of the United States of America.

Step 3: Sign Up For The US Version of Amazon Prime in Canada

Head over to (not and sign up for a brand new account by hovering your mouse over the “your account” drop down and clicking on “new customer? start here” as shown below:

Open A New Amazon Account

Then go ahead and fill out your details:

Fill In Your Amazon Account Details

After clicking “create account” above you will get redirected to a page that welcomes you to Amazon.  You will now want to click the “join prime” right under the Amazon logo in the top left:

Account Welcome Screen

Next you’re going to want to sign up for your free 30-day Amazon Prime trial.  Why not get 30 days for free?!?  Here is what this step will look like:

Sign Up For An Amazon Prime Free Trial

The next step is where you are going to enter your payment details:

Payment Details

You should be able to use your Canadian Credit Card, Canadian billing address and Canadian phone number in this step if you want to. If you’d prefer you can always use a prepaid credit card that is registered to a US zip code like we do in the guide on how to set up a US iTunes account in Canada.

Next you will see a page with your new membership information:

Your membership info

Step 4: Watch Amazon Instant Streaming in Canada

Now you’re ready to rock and roll!  Head over to the main Prime page where you can see all the Prime Eligible movies and TV shows that you can now stream instantly for $0.0o (yes, free).

The Main Prime Page With Lots of Choices

Rango caught my eye in the “most popular movies in Prime Instant Video” section so let’s go ahead and give that a click:

Rango The Movie on Prime Instant Video

As you can see from the image above it won’t cost you a red cent (if they were still available in Canada that is) to watch Rango now that you have access to the US version of Amazon Prime in Canada.  After clicking on “watch now unlimited streaming for $0.00″ you may now smell the sweet smell of success.

Video Connecting

And after a short load time you will be watching Rango and any one of the other 15,899 titles that are available to stream through Amazon Instant Video.

Rango Streaming From Prime

You can even pop out the movie into a new window and go full screen to maximum viewing pleasure.

Rango na his Sword

To recap:  I told you about how you were getting hosed (Canadian for “ripped off”) by not being able to access nearly 16,000 titles from Amazon instant prime.  I then told you that you could use a simply yet powerful piece of software called HMA to virtually reside in the USA.  I showed you the process to set up your US-based Amazon Prime account from Canada and that you can watch the Prime Eligible movies and TV shows from Canada. By combining HMA with a US based Amazon prime account you will be able to watch close to 16,000 available titles.

If you have found this guide to be helpful in setting up your own US Amazon Prime account to stream instant videos in Canada please this guide with your friends on Facebook. Thanks!

Prime Has Almost 16,000 Titles

Update April 20, 2013:It has been a little over 2 months since I published this guide and I am happy to report that my Amazon Prime Instant Streaming is still working.

Here is a screen capture of Downton Abbey season 2, episode 1. I included a window showing that the screen capture was taken on April 20, 2013. The reason it says Los Angeles, CA is because I have HMA connected to one of their server locations in LA.

Amazon Prime Stil Working From Canada

Also take note that you can watch all three seasons in regular definition or HD.  Using HMA to watch Amazon Instant Streaming from Canada is amazing!

Enjoy Amazon Prime in Canada my fellow Canadians and don’t forget to .

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