Awesome Streaming Music Sites You Should Check Out

Canada Loves Streaming Music - 3 Awesome ServicesThe internet has an unbelievable amount of free music available but unfortunately accessing most of it is illegal or not possible unless you live in the United States.  If you want to risk being slapped with a $1.5 million judgement against you for downloading 24 songs illegally that’s up to you.

Personally we’d rather use legal methods to stream music over the internet.  Especially since we’ve found a way to access Pandora in Canada as well as a couple of other great music streaming sites.

Awesome Streaming Music Sites Now Available In Canada*

(We had to include the * because these sites are not normally available in Canada.  Don’t worry, keep reading and we’ll show you a simple trick on how to access these great music streaming sites in Canada!)

Pandora – The Granddaddy of Them All

Get Music You Like on Pandora Radio Canada
Plays Only The Music You Like… Now There’s an Amazing Concept!

Pandora is the grandaddy of them all with their amazing music genome project that allows you to see your personalized radio station with a song, band, artist, genre, etc. and it will automatically pick songs for you based on that initial selection.  The most amazing part about Pandora is you can teach it exactly what you like and what you don’t like by simply clicking a thumbs up or a thumbs down every time a song is played.  After telling Pandora for 15-30 minutes what you like and what you don’t it almost always hits the nail on the head playing you hit after hit after hit.

I’m a big fan of The Killers and I seeded this Pandora Radio station to hear them and find new bands with similar styles.  As shown in the image below it tells me “to start things off, we’ll play a song that exemplifies the musical style of The Killers which features punk influences, a stable use of vocal harmony, mild rhythmic syncopation, a vocal-centric aesthetic and major key tonality.”  Sweet, a lesson on the music I like plus free music to boot!  I love Pandora and I’m going to bet big that you’d love it too!

Listening to Pandora Canada
(Click To Enlarge)

Pandora Radio App in CanadaPandora is web based and the Pandora mobile app is accessible in the US iTunes store for free.  Here is a guide on how to access the US iTunes store in Canada and around the world.

The availability to access Pandora from anywhere and on your mobile phone makes this site so amazing.  Your custom radio stations are saved in your account and you can access your own personal hit stations no matter where you are.  I personally use Pandora all the time at the office, in my car and on the go on my iPhone.

(P.s. I’m a huge Garth Brooks fan too… and no, I didn’t get to go see him in Calgary when he came for the Calgary Stampede.)

Spotify Is Your Premiere Desktop Option

Spotify Has Millions Of Songs Available In Canada
Millions of Sons For Free? Sounds Great!

Spotify has really been picking up steam in the music streaming world mostly due to it well oiled desktop platform, their mobile app and the seamless integration with Facebook.

Spotify does not have a web interface so it’s not quite as assessable as Pandora as you’ll need to have Spotify installed on your computer or smart phone to use it.

This makes it hard for people who using shared computers and work or school computers that do not let you install programs.  But for your own personal computer Spotify is a great streaming option.

4 Steps To Download Spotify Canada

Simply keep in mind that Spotify limits the amount of music you can listen to with a free account.  If you want to access the unlimited streaming plan you’ll have to spring $5/month and for those of you who want your music on the go you’ll have to upgrade to the $10/month plan to assess music with the mobile app.

Drake, A Fellow Canadian, Getting Love On Spotify
Showing Drake, A Fellow Canadian, Some Love on Spotify in Canada

If you’re interested in seeing how to get Spotity in Canada make sure to check out the full detailed guide we have crafted for you.

Mog For The Sound Snobs… We Mean The Discerning Ears

You Can Stream The High Quality Mog In CanadaMog is a music streaming alternative that provides amazing sound quality as Mog streams their entire music library at 320 kbps.  For most of you that won’t mean much, but trust us… at 320 kbps even the most discerning ears will be very pleased at the quality of Mog’s music.

As with Spotify, the free account is rate limited meaning you can only listen to so many songs.  For $5/month you can upgrade to the unlimited plan with no ads and for $10/month you can access Mog’s library on the go with their mobile app.

If you’re passionate about sound quality and have a great pair of high quality headphones (those are better than Beats by Dre and a fraction of the price by the way) then Mog is a great streaming option for you.

MOG Sound Quality Is Unmatched In Canada
(Click To Enlarge)

How To Get Pandora, Mog and Spotify in Canada

*As we mentioned earlier, to access these great music streaming sites in Canada (and around the world) you’ll need to trick them into thinking that you’re computer is located in the United States.  The best way to do this is to use a Pro VPN service that connects you to one of their servers in the USA making Pandora, Spotify and Mog think you’re in the US.  By using this legal way to trick these sites you can access the millions and millions of songs for free.

Why We Recommend HMA Pro VPN

We’ve done a lot of research and have tried a lot of different options to access geographically based sites.  There are free options that provide spotty service at best and are chalked fully of ads.  There are some pay services that are a few bucks per month and can work okay for a while but only have a few access points and the geo-blocked sites catch on sooner than later and they no longer work.  There are some very pricy services as well that claim to be extremely fast but we’ve found that our preferred service is also very fast and can handle streaming music and video.

After our extensive research we recommend, and use, HMA Pro VPN to access Pandora in Canada, Spotify in Canada, Mog in Canada, and so many more site like hulu, US Netflix and so much more.  It’s a low as $6.55/month and it worth much more than than.

The value you get by being able to access these three music streaming sites is worth more than the price of admission but when you add in the fact that you can access Hulu and US Netflix too you’ll quickly see how $6.55 per month is a steal.  We’ve had readers tell us that they have cancelled up to $65/month worth of their cable since they’re able to access the massive library of TV shows on

Spend $6.55 to save $65, I bet you wish all of you investments worked out that well! I know I do!

If you enjoyed finding out that you can access Pandora, Spotify, Mog, Hulu, US Netflix and more in Canada and around the world please this with your friends on Facebook.  Thanks!

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  1. Nate says

    I love Pandora because you can access it from anywhere with the mobile app. Spotify is really cool too when you’re at home with your own computer. I have never tried Mog but will be sure to check it out.

  2. Ty says

    Mog is the bomb! Nice quality. I feel bad for my poor Canadian friends that have to listen to low-fi 128mps music! Finally I’m cooler than most!

    • says

      Glad you’re enjoying MOG and that we’ve been able to help you get a little cooler than most. Those are are main goals here at How To Get It In Canada:

      1. Help Canadians get more free content.
      2. Make them cooler than most.


  3. Randy R says

    I listen to Pandora at work since I can’t download Spotify onto that computer. At home I have all three of these streaming sites now queued up and rocking almost on a daily basis.

    P.s. Smooth jazz on Pandora makes for great dinner music. My wife loves it 🙂

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