How To Get Around NHL GameCenter Live Blackouts

NHL-Game-Center-BlackoutsDo you want to know how get around those pesky NHL GameCenter Live blackouts? Good news, you’ve found the right guide.

With the 2014-2015 NHL season just around the corner it’s time for an update to the guide on bypassing the NHL GameCenter Live Blackouts.

If you’re a true hockey fan you will want to be equipped with NHL Gamecenter Live where you can “watch live out-of-market games on your favorite devices*” If you’re looking to stream NHL games on your TV, computer, smart phone, tablet, PS3 and many more devices then NHL GameCenter Live is what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry if you noticed that little start on the quote above, we’ll talk more about that in a little bit.  But first, here are a few more features you get with GameCenter Live:

  • Live Broadcasts – Watch up to 40 live out-of-market games each week (don’t worry, we’ll show how to watch ANY game you want ANYTIME), all season long.
  • Post Game Replays – Watch full length post game replays
  • In Game Highlights – Watch highlights without leaving the game
  • Classic Games – Relive classic hockey moment dating all the way back to the 1960s
  • DVR Functionality – Live rewind, restart game, pause game, slow motion and more
  • In-Game Features – Home and away broadcasts so you can choose who’s team’s announcers you want to have call the game for you.  Live chat with other fans without having to leave the game.
  • Ways to Watch – Multi-game views so you can watch multiple games at once.  Access games from your smartphones, tablet, PS3, Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, Sony devices, XBox 360 and more.

Back to that little start that typically means you have to hunt through the small print to find some legal-mubmo-jumbo.  In this instance that little “*” in there says “Blackouts and other restrictions apply.

What this means is that if you’re a Calgary Flame fan and you live in Calgary you cannot stream the Calgary Flames game live since it’s considered to be an “in-market game.” Normall you will have to wait 48-hours after the game to watch the recording.

Don’t worry, this guide shows you how to get around the “in-market” blackout restrictions so you can watch any NHL game live from anywhere!

We all know that recorded sports is NOT acceptable. So what is a loyal NHL fan to do so they can be streaming NHL games live?!?

Use a simple, but ninja-like, trick to change your location making your local game an “out-of-market” game so you can watch it live as it happens.

In order to do this you will need a piece of software that I refer to as HMA.

HMA is a Pro VPN which allows you to re-route your internet connection through one of their 327 servers located in 53 different countries around the world.

For this example, to unblock in-market NHL GameCenter Live games, you’re only going to need to use their Canadian and/or American servers. But, just know that you can use their UK-based servers to watch the BBC iPlayer abroad for example.

Step 1: Take Off Your Foam Finger And Get HMA

HMA is the Best VPNI have been using HMA for about two years now and can sincerely say that it’s probably the best piece of software I have every purchased.  Why you may ask?

Well, it’s so powerful that it allows me to, not only remove the blackout restriction on NHL GameCenter Live, but also lets me stream Hulu in Canada, lets me access Hulu Plus from anywhere, grants me access to the massive US Netflix library and so much more.

All for about the cost of a latte and cookie from Starbucks.  If only everything we bought over-delivered this much.

Now before you run away because this option isn’t free, hear me out. HMA is so good that I recommended it to my own mother and would you even think of recommending something that isn’t the best to your own mother?  I sure wouldn’t and don’t!

Step 2: Download HMA to Get One Step Close to NO BLACKOUTS

Now that you’re in the HMA club you’re going to want to download HMA . It’s a small but powerful piece of software that will change the way you watch NHL games as well as TV shows, movies and even music.

Get HMA For NHL GameCenter Live

 Step 3: Choose An New “Hometown” (Don’t worry… you can stay loyal to your favorite hockey team)

Go ahead and chose the option to select of the the 10 closest servers based on geographical distance. This will connect you to one of HMA’s nearby servers that will allow your computer to virtually reside in another city thus making the local NHL game appear to be an out of market game for you on your GameCenter Live account.

Get HMA For NHL GameCenter Live

Which HMA server to pick: Most of the time you can simply pick an HMA server location that is outside of the city you live in.  Meaning if you live in Toronto and you’re trying to watch the Leafs game, you should pick the HMA server in Montreal.  If the game is being televised nationally in Canada then you will need to pick a server in the USA.  If the game is being televised in Canada and the USA then you will need to pick a server outside of both of these countries.  The bottom line is that you need to pick a server location that is outside of the “local broadcast” area. By doing this NHL GameCenter Live will see you living outside of your local market and let you what the local-market game that would otherwise be blacked out.

Step 4: Watch Every Game Your Local Team Plays Now That You Have Successfully Removed The Blackout Restrictions On NHL GameCenter Live

Now that, thanks to HMA, you’re able to watch every single one of your favorite NHL team’s games you will want to impress your friends so get the chips and dip ready.

On the other hand, if you don’t want your place to be party central you might want to this with your friends on facebook so they too know how to remove the blackout restriction on NHL Gamecenter Live.

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  1. Ty says

    I used this trick last year and can confirm that it works. I was able to watch every single Jets game all year regardless of the blackouts. If you have nhl gamecenter you should definitely use hma so you can watch your local team live just like sports are supposed to be watched.

    • says

      You’re one step ahead of the game but thanks for stopping by to let everyone know this trick works. It’s one of those that is so simple (but so powerful) once you know about it. Hope to see you around the site again soon!

        • says

          Cj, There is a great guide on how to set up HMA that can be found as part of the How To Get US Netflix in Canada Guide. Click here to see how to set up HMA on your iPad (iPhone & iPad too).

          If you have found this guide to be useful please it with your friends. Thanks 🙂

  2. says

    We were on the fence about getting game center live again this year because of the blackouts that plagued us last year. Now that we have stumbled upon this guide and know we can get around then we can’t wait for the NHL season to start!

  3. Jon says

    Hi, I have an Xbox 360 which just added GameCenter LIVE to the apps. My Xbox is connected via wifi and so is my laptop. I was wondering if using HMA over wireless networks would work, and if so, how would I set it up?


    • says

      There are lots of ways to connect your computer to your TV. The easiest is if your laptop has an HDMI output and you can just plug your TV directly into your laptop.

      If you want to let HMA live on your router so everything behind it is virtually residing in another country or location then watching through your PS3 should work. Click here to see a guide on how to set this up (scroll down to option 4).

      Check out the comment below though… Maxime is saying that GameCenter Live isn’t working on the PS3 until a new app is released.

  4. Maxime says

    Tried this trick last year and worked well ! Just to let the people know Gamecenter Live is not compatible with the PS3 until they release a new app on the PSN. No release date announced yet ..

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this trick using HMA working well!

      Also, thanks for sharing that we’re all waiting on a new updated app from PS3.

      Don’t forget to this guide with your friends! Thanks 🙂

  5. Kyle P says

    Hi, I am wanting to use Gamecenter live on my Apple TV and Xbox 360 and am wondering if it will work on those devices. Thanks

    • says

      You will need to have a DD-WRT enabled router where you can have HMA live. With HMA on your router everything that is connecting to that router will be virtually residing in the USA which means that it should work to watch GameCenter Live on your Apple TV or Xbox 360.

    • says

      Glad you gave HMA a try and are now enjoying blackout free NHL GameCenter Live!

      If you follow this guide (scroll down to “Option 4”) you’ll see how to set up HMA on a special router so you can have anything that connects to the router virtually reside in another location.

      If you’re computer is equipped for it, you can sometimes connect your TV directly to your computer with an HDMI cable. Depending on the type of computer you have you might need an adapter between your HDMI cable and computer. The same guide I linked to above shows you how to set up this option as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Don’t forget to this guide with your friends! Thanks!

      • Jason Witzell says

        Decided to try HMA Pro on a 1 month “trial basis” with the intention of watching Leafs games on NHL Centre Ice, which are blacked out in my area and getting the US Netflix content. Followed the instructions here, success on the Netflix, fail on the Leafs game. Device = Boxee Box by DLink

        • says

          Are you a NHL Center Ice subscriber or a NHL GameCenter Live subscriber? They are different. Also, was the Leaf’s game nationally televised? If so, the game is blacked out on GameCenter Live no matter where you live. Glad you got it working for US Netflix, have you tried Hulu, Pandora or the BBC yet? So many awesome things you can get access to now!

  6. says

    I wanted to share this comment made by Nick on the US Netflix guide:

    “Got the HMA, works wonders (so far) with nhl game centre to watch the previously blacked out games, and able to watch US netflix.” ~Nick

    Yeah for getting around the NHL GameCenter Live blackouts!

  7. ben says

    What about games that are nationally broadcasted in both Canada AND US????

    Does HMA supply ip addresses that are from outside North America?

  8. Tim says

    I setup HMA up on my iPad and it works great. Able to view US Netflix from BC. With NHL Centre Ice, it still blacks out the Canucks games though despite my IP being elsewhere. Any explanation or fix for this on my iPad. Computer works flawlessly too.

    • says

      Right now we are waiting on an updated app for the PS3. That being said, there are lots of other places to watch GameCenter Live without blackouts once you have HMA in your corner!

  9. Ian says

    So I tried turning “locations” on my phone off and I still get the dreadful “You are in a blackout area and cannot view the game from this location” error message. I am using 3G/LTE on my phone with Fido.

    NHL game center does work flawlessly on my computer with HMA but I can’t seem to get it working properly on my phone. It looks like all the setting are correct. I checked the IP address and it did change to another location so I am a bit puzzled.

    Any other work around to get it working?

    • says

      Ian, a couple people area having this trouble… it might sound like they have a way to figure out where you are on a mobile device that HMA cannot get around. The great thing is, as you pointed out, is that this works from a computer.

      If you’re looking for ways to connect your computer to your HDTV check out the TV section of the guide on how to get US Netflix in Canada.

    • chris says

      ok, so far its working. uninstall app, turned on hma, reinstall app and selected no for locations when it asks, and then it will work with hma on

  10. Elia says

    Does hma still work over 3G 4G networks or just wifi? And will I get roaming data charges from my cellular provider? I’d like to use pandora in canada while driving

  11. Brad says

    I moved away to college this past year and although listening to games on the radio is fun, I need to get my fix of watching hockey games. Unfortunately being a Caps fan in Pittsburgh makes this difficult.. then I saw this!!

    Does this also fix blackouts caused by games broadcasted on the NHL network?

  12. GuruShaggy says

    Was just having issues getting the iPad working with HMA and NHL GC. Uninstalled and resinstalled (with location services off) and it now works flawlessly! Now to watch hockey the way it was meant to be watched, and my laptop used for something OTHER than a cable box.

    Great tip!

  13. Brent Meriwether says

    Aren’t nationally televised games still blacked out on GCL? In other words, this still won’t get us access to playoff games, right?

    • says

      It does work for playoff games. Just pick a server that is not in Canada or the USA. I was able to watch playoff games using a server in France.

  14. Nick says

    Considering trying out this HMA thing. Currently watching Gamecenter Live thru my Roku. I’m from Canada and my team is Detroit RedWings, so for the regular season I got most of the games, though there were a few blackouts. For the playoffs, I havent been able to get any games Live. If the game was at 9pm, I’d have to wait until about 3am before I could watch the game. Its been a tradition this year so far to get up around 5am and watch the game before I go to work….very annoying but if I went to work without getting up at 5am to watch the game, someone would tell me about the game or i’d hear it on the radio, facebook,whatever…….. so I’m definitely looking for other options! Please help 😀


    • says

      For the playoffs make sure you’re selecting a server in Europe. I was able to watch the games live when I connected to a server in France.

      Also, in order to watch through your Roku you will need a DD-WRT enabled router where you will install HMA. By doing this everything that connects to your router (including your Roku) will be virtually residing in the country you select thus making it possible to watch NHL GameCenter Live blackout free.


    • says

      YES! It will work for anyone, anywhere.

      Make sure for the 2013 Playoffs that you choose a server in Europe and NOT one in the US of Canada.

      Don’t forget to with your friends. Thanks!

    • says

      I don’t believe the Bell Fiber Router is DD-WRT enabled. You might be able to add a second router to the network which is DD-WRT enabled where you can install HMA.

      The best way that I have found to use HMA with my HDTV is to just tether my computer to my TV using an HDMI cable and the necessary adapter (if your computer doesn’t have an HDMI output). It’s not the most elegant of solutions but it works like a charm!

      Hope this helps.

  15. Josh says

    I just bought the International GCL service because it was cheaper even though I’m in the US, but I’m thinking about cancelling for the more expensive $150 US/Canada service. I’m wondering how many blackouts I’ll be experiencing from the International service or if it will even work in Ohio. In order for the INTL GCL to work do I NEED to use websites like HMA?

    • says

      Hey Josh, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. As for how many blackouts you’ll experience with the international GameCenter Live, I’m not sure. Remember that the blackouts are dictated based on your location and the location of the games and TV markets. For example, the Winnipeg Jets are blacked out in Calgary because of the TV market even though Calgary is a long way from Winnipeg.

      So, you’re best bet is to get HMA so you can virtually reside in another location in the USA, Canada or abroad to avoid any GameCenter Live blackouts you might experience.

  16. Patti says

    Just moved to Atlanta, GA. Need to see my Rangers and my son needs to watch the Devils. Will we need to do this or will GameCenter work without blackouts since we are out of the area anyway and Georgia does not have a NHL team! I’m all for paying and playing to get my games, whatever it takes, need my hockey!!

    • says

      Hi Patti, I hear you about “NEEDING my hockey”!!! I can’t wait for the season to start even though the Flames might have a few leans years during this rebuilding process.

      If you’re trying to watch the Rangers and Devils from Atlanta you probably won’t need HMA. It depends on the how the TV contracts are set up. Sometimes games that aren’t in your local market are in fact part of your local market’s TV contract. In Calgary we get blacked out from Winnipeg Jets games for example.

      So, I’d recommend seeing if you’re getting blacked out on the games you want to watch and if you are then invest in HMA to get around the blackouts.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy the 2013-2014 NHL Hockey season!

  17. Lennon G. says

    Hey, I mainly use my nhl gamecenter live account on my xbox 360, does this also work for that? or is there different steps?

    • says

      Lennon, you will need to add an intermediate step since you cannot set up HMA directly on your Xbox 360.

      The best way to do this is to get a DD-WRT enabled router where HMA will “live”. By putting HMA on this special router your entire network will be able to virtually reside in another city or country so you can watch NHL GameCenter Live blackout free.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope this helps!

    • says

      It should not matter as I know lots of people who have bought NHL GameCenter Live before they invested in HMA to watch the games blackout free. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • says

      I, personally, have not. I know of other people that have though. You will need a DD-WRT enabled router where HMA will live so everything that is connected to your WiFi network through that router will be virtually residing in the USA.

      You might also need a US iTunes account that you log into from your Apple TV as well. Not 100% sure on if you’ll need the account or not since you can get the GameCenter Live app from the Canadian iTunes store. I just know that you do need the US iTunes account when you’re trying to watch Hulu Plus in Canada.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, let me know if you have anymore questions!

    • says

      Tim, you can follow the steps shown in the guide Watch Hulu Plus in Canada on Your iPad, iPhone or iPod. The first 11 very quick steps are the same no matter what you are trying to watch. Then starting at #12 you will want to get the NHL GameCenter Live app for your iPad, make sure your location services are turned off, then launch the GameCenter app (make sure you have HMA turned on) and you should be good to go.

      Thanks for reading and let me know if you have anymore questions.

    • says

      Steve, although it appears that GameCenter Live says you cannot watch multiple games on multiple devices at the same time I know for a fact that, last year, I was able to watch games at the same time as my brother was watching games using the same account. Of course, it might be different this year but my guess is that you will still be able to watch multiple NHL GameCenter Live games at the same time from different devices.

      I should also mention that your HMA can be used on two different devices at the same time as well meaning that two people can watch in-market games on GameCenter Live blackout free thanks to HMA. Thanks for reading!

  18. James says

    Hi Brent,

    Thanks for the information about HMA! We just cut cable and I was hoping to find a work-around to watch my Avs here in Denver through GameCenter. Based of reading other comments, I just had a few questions?

    1) I noticed that a few other guys had either Roku or Xbox 360 and were advised to get a DD-WRT enabled router. I have a PS3, would I need this router as well?

    2) Also, if that is the case, do you have a good router that you recommend?

    Thanks for the information! I’m extremely happy knowing I wont be plagued with blackouts this year!

    • says

      James, great to hear that HMA will allow you to get around the GameCenter Live blackouts there in Denver!

      To use most set top boxes (Xbox, PS3, Roku, etc.) you will need a way for them to connect to a network that is virtually residing somewhere else. Since most of these devices aren’t equipped to have HMA installed directly on them you will have to get a DD-WRT enabled router where you will install HMA so everything that’s connected to that router will be virtually residing somewhere else.

      I recommend the ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N 300 as it’s been tested and approved by HMA.

      Does that make sense? Thanks for reading and commenting!

      P.s. I saw your Avs beat the Kings in Las Vegas last Saturday at the Frozen Fury! It was lots of fun! Enjoy the hockey season.

  19. Rico says

    Can you change servers at any time? While i know i can change servers with HMA will i be locked in to the location i set when i buy Game Center Live? Like if i want to watch the playoffs, do i need to sign up Game Center Live from a French server or can i use a local server up until playoffs and then just connect from france to watch playoffs?

    • says

      Rico, you can change your location at HMA any time you want.

      You don’t even need to sign up for GameCenter Live with HMA turned on. I know lots of people who had GCL first then added HMA after and were able to bypass all the blackouts.

      As for the playoff games and nationally televised games you will have to log into a server that is outside of the US or Canada. As the post says, I was able to use a server in France to watch the playoff games last year.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to ask your question. Enjoy HMA and blackout free GameCenter Live!

  20. Anthony D says


    I’ve done countless hours of research on this same situation and need some help. Here it goes: I live in Jax, FL and would love to watch the NY Rangers play. I’ve had Center ice in the past and LOVED it but recently dropped cable/satellite and have considered NHL GCL with a VPN or using a similar service like the one you mentioned called to over ride the blackouts.

    I’ve becomes fairly knowledgable on the differences of Center Ice and GCL. My biggest concern is not local blackouts (as I’ll travel to Tampa for those Lightning games!) but rather, national blackouts. As I check the Rangers schedule, 25+ games are aired via NBC/NHLN/NBC Sports and thus considered “blackout” games.

    a) Would the service you mention bypass national blackouts or just local “in market” games?
    b) Are you familiar withe the service I mentioned or have feedback for it?
    c) Does this service you’ve suggested work solely at the router level or could it be individualized to a product like a Roku (via a private channel). I ask that because I don’t want Netflix/Hulu effected.

    Any and all insight you can provide would be great… Long live hockey!

    • says

      GameCenter Live is a great way to get your hockey fix if you don’t have cable or satellite. As for the nationally televised games I do believe you can can connect to one of HMA’s overseas servers (try France) to watch those games. There is also a virtual UK server in New York that makes it appear that you’re in the UK, you could try that HMA server location as well. Or, as Steve mentioned below, you can apparently download the NBC Sports Live Extra App to stream the national games.

      So to answer your questions:

      a) yes, I do believe, that you can log into an HMA location that isn’t in the USA or Canada to bypass the GameCenter Live blackouts for nationally televised games.
      b) I’m familiar with this service but I really prefer a true VPN as you get the added benefit of a secure and encrypted internet connection as well as the ability to change your location to any one of HMA’s servers in 62 countries around the world. The other is far more limited with their locations. You can use Latin American locations to access Spanish and Portugese language Netflix, UK location for the BBC iPlayer and so much more. When it comes to VPNs bigger is better and HMA is HUGE!
      c) If you want to use a set top box, like a Roku, you will need somewhere for HMA to live. Most cases the easiest and most effective way is to get a DD-WRT enabled router. I do believe you can turn it on and off as you please so your Hulu and Netflix will not be affected. (You can only watch one things at once… right?)

      I hope this helps and yes, long live hockey!

  21. Steve H says

    For ipad usage, I had to turn off my cellular data. Apparently the NHL GameCenter app uses the cellular connection hardware to locate you. Once that’s off, using a VPN works fine. …As for nationally televised games, in the States just grab the NBC Sports Live Extra app. All the national games show up there.

    • says

      I really should work the iPad trick into the guide. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone here. Thanks for the tip on the NBC Sports Live Extra app! Do you have to have a cable package in the USA to get that app? Thanks for reading :).

  22. Steve says

    We have the same problem in the UK. There’s only one channel that shows NHL games (their coverage is a bit on the ropey side and only on a certain cable provider). Any games that they have on their schedule is blacked out on our Game Center. Being a Detroit fan this means most of the games I want to watch, as well as most of the playoffs and the Winter Classic.

    I refuse to switch cable providers just for this channel but at the same time I refuse to subscribe to Game Center if most of the games I want to watch will be blacked out. Any advice you could give to someone in the UK to get round this?

    • says

      During the Playoffs last season I was able to successfully watch NHL GameCenter Live by using HMA to log into a server location in France. During the game you’re getting blacked out from there in the UK, I’d recommend trying to connect to a server that is outside of the USA, Canada or the UK.

      Like I said, this has worked for me in the past with nationally televised games and playoff games.

      Thanks for reading and enjoy the hockey season!

  23. Travis says

    Hey Brent,

    Just wondering if this method works for getting games on Leafs TV through NHL Game Center Live. Let me know because I’d love to catch the game tonight!

    • says

      Travis, this trick to watch NHL GameCenter Live blackout free works for all games and all teams. You just need to make sure you’re choosing a VPN location that is not in the local market for the game. If the game is being televised nationally then try a server in the USA or overseas (France for example).

      Enjoy watching your Leaf’s games blackout free on NHL GameCenter Live! Thanks for reading.

  24. Albert says

    Do you have any app for the android users. I have an android tablet and android phone. How do I use HMA on these?

  25. Ben says

    Just read this thread and was extremely excited, but downloaded HMA, followed all the instructions, and cannot get it to work on any device. Still being blacked out from the Avs games on NHL Gamecenter Live on my laptop, on my ipad, and on my iphone using the HMA app.

    Help? If there are other suggestions to try I will, but if not I suppose I will just return HMA since this was the sole reason I made the purchase (watching local games on gamecenter)

    • says

      Ben, was that game televised nationally? If so, then you need to log onto an HMA server that is outside of North America. Try France or the UK. Basically, you need to see what the NHL is determining that “in-market area” to be. If it’s nationally televised in Canada but NOT the USA then you can connect to a server in the USA. If it’s televised nationally in the USA but not Canada then a server in Canada works. Make sense?

  26. Kristin says

    Do you know if there is a work around for phone users? I’d like to be able to stream games on my phone but saw some comments above that the HMA might not work for phones. Also, when I sign up for NHL GameCenter Live do I need to specify a different city too, or just download the HMA and it will change my location from there? I just moved to Hawaii and LA games are considered in-market. Annoying.

    • says

      I haven’t tried it on my phone in a while as I always just tether my computer to my TV to watch GameCenter Live.

      If you try it on your phone make sure that you have all location services turned off and HMA turned on.

      HMA does have a 30-day money back guarantee so it would be risk free to try to see if you can watch your LA Kings from paradise in Hawaii!

  27. Bubba says

    I can confirm that HMA works on the iPad. I selected France and disabled cellular data. At this moment I’m watching a game blacked out in my market, streaming it to my TV via my AppleTV. Awesome!

    • Bryan says

      Very interesting and informative article. Thanks for all the great advice. I do have a few questions just to clarify some things.

      First, I’m a huge hockey and baseball fan living in Los Angeles. I have a Roku and prefer to watch all my content through my Roku device. So to watch NHL and MLB games, I would still need to subscribe, pay for, and create an account with both sports providers respectively? Does it matter at all the billing address I give them at sign up, or the IP location I’m using at the time I create the account? Will that affect any of the blackouts, or is it strictly on a game by game basis where the blackout is only determined by the IP/proxy location I’m connected to while I’m trying to view that particular game? In otherwords, if I want to see all my local teams here in LA play, and if I sign up with my LA billing address and IP/proxy from my local internet provider here in LA, I can still change my IP/proxy location later for each individual game I want to watch and still see my local in-market teams? I just want to make sure I completely understand the procedure and exactly how it works.

      Second, I can watch the games either on my laptop, or on my TV through my Roku device. I’d much rather use the Roku, but want to make sure I fully understand about this other router I would need in order to watch using my Roku. So are you saying that I can watch on my laptop without the extra router, but if I wanted to watch through my Roku I’d have to get this extra special router to connect to an out of market VPN or proxy? Please explain in detail exactly how this works and what I would need to do to watch games on my TV using my Roku.

      Thanks again for all your very helpful information.

      • says

        Bryan, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I’m glad you’re finding the info useful.

        From my experience, it doesn’t matter what your billing address is. Using a VPN to spoof your location to watch the sports blackout free is all you need to do.

        Roku boxes do require the DD-WRT enabled router. It’s not as hard as it looks to get this set up and it make it so everything behind the router can virtually reside in another city or country (if necessary for nationally televised games and/or playoff games).

        Let me know if you need anymore help.

        • Bryan says

          Thanks Brent for your response and the info. Just so I understand everything clearly, the only thing I have to do when I want to watch a blacked out games is spoof my location using a VPN or proxy in another area, making it look like I am in that other location, giving me a workaround on the blackouts, correct? In your experience, is it better to use a location in North America outside my area, or use a location in another part of the world, say Europe for instance, to get around the blackouts? I’m sure both would work, but if it showed me as being in Europe, then I’d assume I wouldn’t have to worry about any blackouts that way, and would get the nationally televised games on CBC, NBC, and NHL Network, and also the playoff games. Am I correct with that theory?

          As for using the DD-WRT enabled router with my Roku box, I was wondering how easy or hard that is to set up, and what the process is? Does it need to be programmed or anything? And what exactly is DD-WRT? This is all new to me so any guidance and info you can give me on this would be very helpful. Perhaps there is a step by step guide on setting this up somewhere online I could read. I assume it would be internet line connected to modem, to the router via ethernet cable, to the Roku box via ethernet cable, then to the TV.

          • says

            Yes, all you need to do is spoof your location so you computer looks like it’s located in a different city than the “in-market” game you’re trying to watch. If the game is nationally televised in Canada then use a HMA location in the USA and vice versa. If the game is televised in North America then please use an HMA location in Europe.

            Basically you need to be virtually residing somewhere that is NOT in the blackout area.

            As for your Roku box and a DD-WRT enabled router. It’s not hard but it’s also not just a few mouse clicks. A lot of people get intimidated and don’t even give it a try. Here is a guide where I talk about the steps to set up a DD-WRT enabled router (just scroll down to option #4).

            You could also just use the very simple, yet effective, method of just tethering your computer to your HDTV. This is what I do as it’s quick, simple and extremely easy.

            Thanks again for your comment, let me know if you need anymore help!

    • says

      Based on this comment, is sounds like the new version of NHL GCL is requiring you to keep your location services on when using their app. Unfortunatley, as of right now, I haven’t figured out a workaround for this. The great news is that HMA still works as a NHL GameCenter Live blackout workaround on your computer.

  28. Paul says

    Can I watch the NHL Playoffs this season if I install HMA now? I’m a GCL subscriber. Will GCL notice that my account has my US address or does it just go by the IP address?

    • says

      Paul, thanks for your question. Yes, you can use HMA to get past the blacked out playoff games. Just remember that since virtually every playoff game is broadcasted nationally in Canada and the USA you will need to connect to a server outside of both of these countries. Try France or any of the European locations that area also “virtual USA”. That was the server will be closer.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  29. Bob says

    So, the idea is to choose a location close to your city in the regular NHL season (but far enough away so you are not blacked out) but then choose an international (non-US, non-Canada) location for the playoffs? Does that mean I could switch locations at will using HMA, or is there some restrictions on that? I love hockey and want to see the season and the playoffs. Thanks for the help.

    • says

      That’s exactly right. You need to virtually reside outside of the area that is being blacked out.

      You can connect to any one of HMA’s 678 servers in 91 countries around the world.

    • says

      You will need somewhere for HMA to be installed. I do not think you can do it directly on your PS3 or PS4 so that is why I recommend the router to act as the middle man.

  30. Tom says

    Assuming I set myself to reside outside of all possible markets (in Europe for example) would I then be able to watch all games without blackouts?

    • says

      Yes, that’s the idea. You want to pick a location that is outside of whatever is being defined as the “local area”. If the game is being televised nationally in Canada and the USA then you’ll have to go overseas. Otherwise, just by virtually residing in a different city in Canada or the USA will work just fine. Let me know if you need any help getting set up.

  31. Bryan says

    Since the 2014-2015 NHL season is about to begin, I have a couple of questions regarding watching games this season.

    First, is everything still the same this season as far as watching NHL games on GCL and using a VPN to work around the blackouts? I’ve heard that some sites are not allowing viewers to connect through a VPN anymore. Have you heard anything about this regarding GCL, or are you still able to use this method this season to avoid the blackouts?

    Second, can you share your login and password to you GCL subscription? I know a lot of people will share their login and passwords to Netflix, Hulu, cable tv accounts and for HBO Go with their friends and family. I was thinking about going in with a few friends of mine on this seasons GCL subscription so we can save money by splitting up the cost. So it is possible to do this with GCL, where a few friends can share an account and all use it? And I especially want to know if we can all be logged in at the same time and watch games on our different respective devices? For instance, if I’m in LA, I have a friend in Phoenix, one in Pittsburgh, and one in New York, can we all be logged in to the same GCL account at the same time watching different games?

    Thanks Brent! Any info you can provide on these questions would be great!

    • says

      Yes, HMA is still working like magic to get around the local blackouts from GCL. As for sharing your account, not sure what the policy is with GCL. I guess you could if you wanted to. Should you? Not sure… I’ll leave that up to you. I do know from last year, I was watching one playoff game on one computer and another game on another computer and they both worked so being logged in from two different machines should work. HMA lets you be logged in on two different machines at the same time too. Enjoy!

      • Bryan says

        Thanks for the info Brent! Glad a VPN will still work to avoid the blackouts on GCL.

        As for sharing my GCL account, I’m talking about doing this with a few good friends of mine who I trust and know well. It sounds like it would work and allow all of us to be logged on and watching games at the same time from our own respective locations. I was afraid that if I was on watching a game and one of my friends would log on, that maybe it would knock me off if only one person could be logged on to a single account at once. I suppose we can try it and see if it works. I’d rather know for sure in advance though. Please let me know if you hear anything in regards to this. Or perhaps one of your readers has had some experience with this and would know for sure if it works or not. I’ll take all the info I can on this. Thanks!

        • says

          The only experience I have is being logged into my own account from two of my computer at the same time. I was able to watch two different games at the same time. Enjoy the hockey season!

          • Bryan says

            Thanks again for your help Brent! It sounds like it would work. I suppose I can try it to see, and then find out for sure. Do you know of any other blogs or forums that discuss this type of thing? Figured I could check and see if anyone has experience with doing what I’d like to do to see for sure if it will work or not.

            Also, do you know of a way to watch NHL Network without having a cable or satellite subscription? Do you know if there is a live feed online somewhere?

          • says

            You’re welcome. Happy to help. I don’t sorry… just give it a go. You can use HMA for so much more (Hulu, American Netflix, etc.) on top of getting around NHL GameCenter blackouts. It’s well worth it. Enjoy!

          • says

            You’re welcome. Happy to help. I don’t sorry… just give it a go. You can use HMA for so much more (Hulu, American Netflix, etc.) on top of getting around NHL GameCenter blackouts. It’s well worth it. Enjoy!

          • Bryan says

            Thanks again Brent for all your help and the great info you provide.

            The final thing I’m trying to figure out is if there is a way to watch the NHL Network without having a cable or satellite subscription. I was looking for a live feed of NHL Network online. Cant seem to find a way to watch it online, even though a lot of TV stations are now streaming live online. Do you know of a way to do this, or a website to watch a live feed of NHL Network online? If anyone knows of where to find a live stream of NHL Network online, I’d really appreciate the help with this.


  32. Anthony says

    They mention getting Netflix in Canada, but there’s something in this for us in the US. You can access Netflix from other countries and get a new library of movies. Many times new video releases are available in Europe before the US. The main thing is I didn’t miss a Hawks game all last season. It does work and it is easier than you could imagine.

    • says

      Glad you are enjoying the freedom of HMA so you can watch your NHL games without any blackout restrictions as well as accessing the different Netflix libraries from around the world. Thanks for stopping by to let us all know!

    • says

      You will either have to install HMA on a DD-WRT enabled router so your PS4 can connect to the wifi network that is virtually residing in the USA. But, before doing this check to see if your PS4 can have HMA live directly on it. Some gaming systems have the capabilities to have VPNs on them. Let me know if you need more help.

  33. ben says

    What about blackout restrictions due to the game being on nhl network or nbcsn? Or playoffs and finals. Im a hawks fan living in texas so I dont have area restrictions. Also dont have cable, got gamecenter, I cant watch the hawks game on it though beacuse it is being broadcasted on nhl network. Is there no hope for me? People get mad down here when youre in a bar and ask em to change it to hockey.

    • says

      I know your pain, I used to live in a part of the world that wouldn’t allow hockey to be shown on the TV at the bar. The good news is that for games that are nationally televised you can use HMA to connect to a server overseas. Try the UK, France, etc.

  34. Mike Z says


    I’ve noticed that if you sign up for NHL Gamecentre using a Swiss ISP, the purchase price is $100 less for the year.

    If I register via a Swiss ISP with my VPN, will I always have to access that account from a Swiss server or can I access the games using my original ISP, turning of my VPN.

    My connection’s speed becomes compromised when using the Swiss ISP, so I would like to watch the games on my own ISP, for the best connection, but still get that Swiss pricing.

    Do you know if that is possible?

    • says

      Not sure, I’ve never tried it. I do know that when you have a GCL account that originated from Canada you can use use it in Canada, the USA and abroad. Let me know if you give it a try… isn’t HMA great?!?

  35. Robert says

    I can’t get the HMA to work on my computer. It keeps saying my caps games are blacked out. Any ideas? I linked my new IP address to Wichita Kansas which would not be in the area, but it still isn’t working.

    • says

      Was it a nationally televised game? If so, then you’ll have to connect to a server in Canada, Mexico or overseas. Hope this helps.

      • Matt says

        Hey man. I already happen to have an IP service that I can change my IP with. Its a pay service.

        Now can I just connect over a Netherlands server and then sign up for Gamecenter and have everything unlocked ?


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