How To Watch The Masters Live Outside Of The USA

How To Watch The Masters Live Outside USAIf you want to watch the Masters live outside of the USA you have come to the right spot.

Trying to get a ticket to the Masters is next to impossible (it’s widely considered to be the toughest ticket in all of sports) and if you’re going to buy tickets on the secondary market you better make sure you have some deep pockets.

Take a look at this pair of tickets (2 tickets, not 20) that are being offered for $15,999.  Craziness.

Since it’s the toughest ticket in spots, I’m going to assume that (like me) you’re stuck watching The Masters on TV.  Or better yet, you’re streaming The Masters live online with picture-in-picture and the ability to choose which featured group or holes to watch.  In full screen if you’re not worried about a boss catching you!

The problem is that if you go to The Masters homepage from Canada or anywhere outside of the USA you will see this:

Masters Website From Canada

Now that doesn’t look all that bad, especially compared to nasty site you’ll see when you try to watch Hulu in Canada.

What you don’t know, can’t hurt you right?

Well, I’m about to shed the light on the fact that there is one big difference between The Master’s website when visited from Canada vs. when visited from the USA.

Check out this image which I captured after I deployed the sneaky trick that will allow you to watch The Masters live outside of the USA.

Masters' Website as Viewed From the USA

Do you now see that there is a red button that says “Live”?  Can you guess what will happen when you click it?

That’s right, if you use the special trick that allows your computer to virtually reside in the USA you be able to stream live Masters coverage from outside the United States.

Put The Right Tool In Your Bag

The only  thing you will need to add to your bag to make this work is a piece of software called HMA.  This software is a Pro VPN which allows you to divert your internet connection through one of their hundreds of servers across the United States.

By doing this your computer will appear that it’s sitting in the good old U.S. of A which means that you will be able to stream live gold as well as access other great sites that are usually only available from within the US boarder.  I’m talking about being able to do things like watch Netflix USA in Canada and watch All My Children on Hulu from Canada.

HMA is one bad mombo jombo… or something like that.

Tee Things Up

You will need to download HMA which can be done by by clicking on the download software link:

Download HMA

Once you have downloaded HMA you will then use it to connect to a US server which allows you to virtually reside in the USA:

Set up HMA

After this step is done you will want to go back to your browser and clear your cache, history, cookies, whatever their called, etc.  Then, just head back over to The Masters website and you should see that highly coveted red button that says “Live”.

Go ahead and click on that and the following screen show show up:

Watching The Masters Live From Canada

Here is where things can get fun!  You can choose to watch either of the featured groups, holes 15 & 16, amen corner as well the driving range and an in-depth piece on the Masters.  Also make note of the “Picture-in-picture” option in the top right of the screen.  If you click that a second screen will pop up and you can put it anywhere on the bigger screen, like so:

Masters Live Picture-in-Picture Coverage

If the smaller picture is taking up to much of the screen you can expand the screens out to be full screen for maximum viewing pleasure:

Full Screen

So there you have it, you are now an Internet-Whiz-Kid because you now know that you can use HMA Pro VPN to have your computer virtually reside in the USA.

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  1. Dawn says

    I got this working for me yesterday so I wanted to stop back and report it’s working. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibilities.

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