Hulu Plus Canada – The Essential Guide To Getting Hulu Plus in Canada

I Love Hulu Plus in CanadaSo you want Hulu Plus Canada do you… We’re not surprised since after we showed you how to get Hulu in Canada which made so many of you happy.

What it also did is made some of you want more. We got emails, comments, carrier pigeon messages and telegraphs asking “how can I get Hulu Plus in Canada?

Don’t get us wrong… we get it. Hulu is awesome but Hulu Plus is awesome plus and we all want access to it up here in Canada.

For those of you must know, there is so much more beyond our weak attempt at humor (“awesome plus” <— did I really just write that?) . There is a big difference between hulu and hulu plus.

Hulu plus is a subscription based service and before you let the $7.99/month scare you away, just keep reading. Hulu plus is the first and only internet streaming video site to offer full seasons (both current and back seasons) of all the hit TV shows you want to be able to access anytime, anywhere.

There are 3 main things that are different between hulu and hulu plus and they are:

  • Content – hulu offers the latest 5 episodes while hulu plus offers the entire current season plus all of the previous seasons and episodes. Hulu plus gives you “marathon” capabilities while hulu simply offers you the 5 most recently aired episodes.
  • Device access – hulu plus is available on your internet ready TV in all of 720p HD glory. It is also available through your blu-ray, PS3 and other gaming devices, STBs, iPhones, iPads and so many other mobile devices. Hulu is only available on your computer.
  • Video Quality – Hulu plus is HD (when available) while hulu is standard def.

The two reasons most people want to be able to get Hulu Plus Canada is so they can watch, on demand, more than the 5 most recent episodes. For example, if you have hulu plus you can watch all 9 seasons (174 episodes) whenever you want, wherever you want as shown below:

WatchEvery Seasons Of Office on Hulu Plus

The other reason is people want to be able to use their set top boxes, iPhones, iPads etc. to access the Plus sizes of Hulu..

How To Set Up a Hulu Plus Account in Canada (and Around the World)

Step 1: Sign Up for HMA

The first thing you need to set up, and watch, Hulu Plus from Canada is a HMA Pro VPN account.

The reason you will need an HMA account is because this is how you will virtually reside in the USA.

When you connect to one of HMA’s 326 (and counting) serves based in the USA, your internet connection will be redirected through that server located in the states.

What is VPN and How Does A VPN Work

When you go to, it will think that your internet connection is originating from HMA’s US-based server and it will let you around the geo-fence that keeps most Canadians longingly looking on.

HMA is the magical “black box” that makes this all work and I recommend you sign up for the year long account since it’s the best deal and it will match up with the amazing deal I’m going to share with you on a year’s worth of hulu plus.

Step 2: Download HMA

After you sign up for HMA, you’ll want to download the software onto your computer, smartphone, tablet, router, etc. HMA has Windows and Mac versions, an iOS app, an Android app and even a version for Linux computers.

Look for the button that says “software & help”:

HMA For Hulu Plus Canada

Just select the version you need from the download page as seen below.

Choose HMA Version

After you have installed the software on your device of choice, you’re going to want to launch HMA and connect to one of their US-based servers.

Connect to US based server

You’ll notice that there are A TON of locations available for you to choose from. Don’t get overwhelmed by this. It doesn’t really matter which one you pick, but I’d recommend that you choose one that is close to where you live.

Once you have picked your new server location, simply click the “Connect to VPN” button and let HMA work it’s magic.

Great! That’s all the technical work that you need to do. Now lets move on to how you can get a Hulu Plus account without a US-based credit card.

Step 3: Buy Hulu Plus Credits

The first thing you’ll need to do to get yourself a Hulu Plus account is buy a Hulu Plus account from eBay.

Buy a Hulu Plus Account on eBay

I know! Who knew you could get a Hulu Plus account from someone on eBay?!?

Just make sure, like when you’re buying anything on eBay, to check the sellers feedback score. You will want to buy from someone who has a lot of positive feedback like this seller.

What you’re buying here is is a gift card code that you will be able to redeem when you set yourself up an account. Your codes will likely be delivered to you via email or sent to you through the eBay messaging service. Your seller should detail this in the description section of their auction.

Step 4: Redeem Your Hulu Plus Credits

After you have picked up a year’s worth of Hulu Plus from eBay you’re going to need to redeem them and set up your Hulu Plus account.

Head on over to where you will see this screen:

Redeem Your Hulu Plus Codes

Simply enter your gift code where it asks you to and click “redeem”. You will then have to fill out your personal information on the next page.

DO NOT use the “sign up using facebook” option unless your facebook account was set up in the USA. Similarly, if you have an email address that ends in a “.ca” you might want to consider signing up for a new email account from somewhere like gmail.

Here is what the signup screen will look like:

Redeem Hulu Plus Personal Info

After you fill out this info and click continue, you will be asked for a zip code. You can find a US zip code here.

Drum roll please…

Your Hulu Plus Account From Canada

Once you see that screen you have successfully set yourself up a Hulu Plus account from Canada!

Step 5: Watch Hulu Plus in Canada (or Anywhere Around The World)

Don’t forget that you need to have HMA turned on each time before you visit Hulu. If you are seeing a note saying that Hulu is not available in your country here are the steps to follow to make it work again:

  1. Close your internet browser
  2. Open your internet browser
  3. Clear your internet history
  4. Turn on HMA and connect to a US-based server
  5. Navigate to Hulu and sign into your Hulu Plus account

If you’re still seeing the note, change your HMA location by selecting a new server and trying again. Sometimes you might have to change your location a few times before you get it to work… but hey, that’s still easier than moving to the USA!

Like we mentioned before, you can watch more than just the last 5 episodes of shows with Hulu Plus. Let’s take a moment to bask in the glory of our achievement and check out a screen shot from the pilot episode of The Office.

When you start watching Hulu Plus from Canada you might noticed that the commercials that Hulu Plus shows you before your favorite TV show starts can be very slow and choppy. Honestly, no idea why they stream so slow… But, be patient and stick it out because, from our experience, when your show starts it streams fast and you can watch your show normally.

Watching The Office On Hulu Plus In Canada

If you’re a fan of the office you better think about cancelling your weekend plans since you can access all 9 seasons and 174 episodes now that you have Hulu Plus:

You Can Watch All 9 Seasons of The Office

Pro Tip: Now that you are using HMA and can can watch Hulu Plus from Canada you might want to consider saving a ton of money and cancelling your cable or satellite TV. We have heard from our readers that they are saving $65, or more, per month now that they have access to Hulu Plus.

Recap: How To Watch Hulu Plus From Canada

  1. Sign up for a year of HMA
  2. Buy Hulu Plus gift card codes from eBay
  3. Redeem your Hulu Plus gift card codes at
  4. Set up your Hulu Plus account
  5. Watch Hulu Plus from Canada

If you have found this guide to be helpful please this guide with your friends on facebook. Thanks!

Enjoy watching Hulu Plus from Canada (and anywhere around the world)!

Please Note: You’ll notice in the comments below, that I used to recommend and their “done for you” option. has since shut down and is no longer an option for getting a Hulu Plus account. One positive note is that buying the Hulu Plus credits on eBay can be a lot cheaper!

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  1. vic says

    I would like to watch US content on Roku or some other media streaming device in Canada. I want to purchase prefigured dd wrt flash router with open vpn and use HMA, but I do not know where to place the flash touter in relation to roku for ex, and do I still use my presnt router as well and will I be able to use the emait etc.. as before. Is the new router on and inuse all the time or just fo watching?. Could you please advice?
    Thanks, Vic

  2. Steve6000 says

    Great guide! Does it still work as of Jan 2013? Vanilla has a disclaimer at the bottom now saying they can no longer be used for international transactions. Also, is there any different between using Vanilla MasterCard and Vanilla Visa? Does it specifically need to use the MasterCard version of it?

  3. Doug says

    So the Vinilla Mastercard could be potentially used for Amazon Instant Video, YouTube Video Rentals, Blockbuster Video On Demand, etc.

    However, the steps don’t says how you are getting a US street address which is a required field. How is this addressed (pun intended) ?

    • says

      There are some sites online that let you use a prepaid credit card and others that do not. So, the answer is yes and no.

      As for a US street address, if you need a real one that is going to accept mail on your behalf check out this guide on how to use a US mail forwarding service.

      If you just need a street address to sign up for something where you won’t be needing delivery you can use

      Did you get Hulu Plus?

      • Doug says

        Thanks for the reply. I did actually read that information about since my original post and I think I prefer to recommend that service for a one time fee of $10 to get an address.

        fakenamegnereator just seems too sketchy.

        I’ve had Hulu Plus in the past but cancelled because I wasn’t really getting much out of it. I live in between fantastic US and Canadian TV reception, so I get most TV I care to watch that way.

        • says

          What service can you get an address for a one time fee of $10? Do they accept packages for you and mail them up to you in Canada? Or does it just give you an address?

          If you’re just using an address to sign up for a US iTunes account, etc. you don’t need it to be anything more than a real street address in a US city. fakenamegenerator does that for you or you can literally just head over to and use an address of a house that’s for sale. Just don’t ever get anything delivered to one of these addresses you use 😉

          I love Hulu Plus for the ability to stream your favorite shows on demand whenever you want. That paired with the ability to access the US Netflix library means virtually unlimited amount of TV shows and moves to stream on demand for $22.53/month.

  4. andrew reid says

    hi there i am trying to buy the one year package from paypal and it won’t let me, and i tried just by credit card too, same thing, help!

    • says

      Is your PayPal account a US or Canadian account? If it’s a Canadian account you will not be able to use it to get a Hulu Plus account.

      What error are you seeing when using the Vanilla mastercard? Sometimes it tells you it can’t be processed. Sometimes you need to try 4, 5, 6, 7 or more times to get it to work. I don’t know why this happens sometimes and not others but I know first hand how frustrating it can be!

      That is why I seriously recommend to everyone that they buy a Hulu Plus Setup Service from

      They set up your account for you, headache free Hulu Plus for Canadians!

  5. Inuapialuk says

    Very complicated set-up.

    Does anyone know if Hulu Plus has live sports events?

    Is there a Hulu Plus content listing?


    • says

      The set up looks harder than it really is… it just takes time and patience.

      You are right, there are a lot of steps involved and that is why I recommend that anyone who wants to get Hulu Plus outside of the USA just buys a Hulu Plus Setup Service and let the expert set it up for you.

      As for a Hulu Plus TV guide. This link will take you to the closest thing that I know of to a guide. A friend and I, literally, spent weeks compiling a Hulu TV guide that is sub-categorized by genre. There are some sports but nothing that is live.

      If you’re a hockey fan you can check out this guide to see how to get around the local market blackouts:

  6. Chandra says

    I went out and bought a Vanilla MasterCard a couple days ago. Now I am trying to register it. But when I go to register, it only has the option for me to put in a postal code. How do I register it as a US card?

    • says

      When you go to Vanilla MasterCard’s site to register you need to click the “USA (English) Gift Card” option. Look at “DIY Step 2: Register Your Vanilla MasterCard” in the guide above to see what the image.

    • Dan says

      Are you using a VPN when you register? Possibly it’s detecting that you are not in the US, hence not offering that option?

  7. Chandra says

    It doesn’t look like that when you go to register.
    When you go to the Vanilla MasterCard site. It looks like this.

    When you input the information and then click on register card on the left hand side. This is what comes up:

    No option to select USA (English) Gift Card. Only enter Postal Code.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you!

    • Doug says


      My original suspicion was wrong. VPN has nothing to do with this. I was able to duplicate your issue by first choosing the wrong option like you did. Your issue is easily resolved, but first you have at least three cookies you need to clear from your browser privacy settings. Once you do this, you will get the option for “USA (English) Gift Card”.

      If you’re using Chrome for your browser, go to Settings>Scroll down to “Show Advanced Settings”>Under Privacy select “Content Settings”>select “All Cookies and Site Data…”(Wait for them to appear)
      In the “Search Cookies” box at the top right, type “van” in the box and you should see “” appear in the list. Mouse over it and an X will appear on the right. Click the X and the cookies will be deleted. Now you will be able to navigate to and choose the “USA (English) Gift Card” instead of the Canada options.

      Not using Chrome? Use Chrome.

    • Carrie says

      Hi Doug,

      I’m having the same issues as Chandra. Do I have to log in under my US VPN to register the card with a US postal code?


      • says

        Carrie, it might help to already be connected to a US-based HMA server. I just went to the Vanilla MasterCard site and was able to see the place to register with a US address. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

      • Doug says

        Hi Carrie,

        As was the case with Chandra, it turns out that having a US IP address is not required for the step of activating the prepaid MasterCard. However, if you already visited the Vanilla MasterCard site and clicked on the link for Canada, you will have “Cookies” saved in your browser that you first have to delete. If you don’t do that, you’ll be automatically directed to the Canadian pages eveytime and won’t get a chance to enter a US address and zip code.

        You have at least three cookies you need to clear from your browser privacy settings. Once you do this, you will get the option for “USA (English) Gift Card”.

        If you’re using Chrome for your browser, go to Settings>Scroll down to “Show Advanced Settings”>Under Privacy select “Content Settings”>select “All Cookies and Site Data…”(Wait for them to appear)
        In the “Search Cookies” box at the top right, type “van” in the box and you should see “” appear in the list. Mouse over it and an X will appear on the right. Click the X and the cookies will be deleted. Now you will be able to navigate to and choose the “USA (English) Gift Card” instead of the Canada options.

        Hope that helps.

  8. Chris says

    Hi, I just stumbled across the page and I’m intrigued. I love the lazy and no confusing idea you give us, however I need a price. I want to know what is the price of this for the setup and then the monthly fee. If you can’t say prices over this site , can you please email them to me..I really appreciate what you’re doing for me and others…it’s not fair that we can’t get the same stuff in canada without having to be devious…

    • says

      Chris, one thing you should know about the HMA pricing is that I would honestly pay 5-10 times what they charge. Being able to access Hulu, Hulu Plus, US Netflix, etc. from Canada makes it possible for people to cancel their cable saving hundreds if not thousands per month. The great news is that we don’t have to pay 5-10 times when HMA charges. Check out their pricing plans here.

      If you want to get Hulu Plus set up for you visit and buy a starter pack. It’s the easiest way possible.

  9. Brian says

    Can i use this to watch on my apple TV?
    i know i can get Hulu Plus on my computer but when i go to stream on apple TV i am getting the Geo ruling saying it senses i am out of the states.

  10. M Azam says

    Just wondering if the prepaid VISA card trick is still valid? I have seen confusing information about Hulu Plus no longer accepting prepaid cards for subscriptions. Is this true. Has anyone had success with this technique very recently (last 30 days). I want to be sure before I go out and buy one.

    • says

      Yes, it still works but you need to make sure you get a prepaid Vanilla MasterCard and NOT a Visa.

      Here is a video I did in the past week showing that it still works:

      P.s. Sorry for the slow reply. Your comment got tagged as spam for some strange reason and I’m just seeing it now… hope this still helps you.

      • Me says

        I’m trying with a vanilla mastercard today and after about 75 attempts continue to get the “Sorry, this action resulted in an error. Please try again.” message.

        Anyone else have a similar experience?

        • says

          I’ve had this experience many times when I still did this myself. This frustration was the biggest reason why I started using the “done for you” method by buying a Hulu Plus Starter Pack.

          Once you start getting the “sorry, this action resulted in an error” message you will usually need to wait overnight before you try again.

          Sorry you’re having such a hard time get a Hulu Plus account outside of the USA. The method does work, just sleep on it and then try it again tomorrow. If it doesn’t work I recommend thinking about buying a Hulu Plus Starter Pack.

          Thanks for reading and commenting!

  11. Doug says

    Not finding the Vanilla Master Card at my local Shoppers, but Petro-Canada apparently has them. Anyone know if these will work equally well, or are they different?

    • NB says

      I just purchased one today from my Shoppers. They changed the packaging so it only says MasterCard/Prepaid Card and there is a tiny logo on the bottom right and left hand sides of the package that says vanilla. It’s the one with the picture of the red present if that helps.

  12. john says

    How much will my internet usage increase? and how much will this add to my cost of Hulu plus and HMA Pro Vpn ?

    • says

      Your internet usage does not increase by using a VPN. If you’re watching TV shows or movies on Hulu Plus then yes, your usage is going to go up but you’ll be watching awesome shows. The easiest way to get Hulu Plus setup is by buying a Hulu Plus Setup Service.

  13. Doug says

    I use a router with a persistent VPN connection. Usage did not increase by virtue of the VPN, but as Brent says, having the VPN gives my family more choices, and so we do watch more streaming content than we would otherwise.

    Our family watches a lot of US Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and US iTunes. Our average monthly internet usage is 95 GB.

  14. christian boisclair says

    greetings from canada,i m a little mix up about afew thing.first you mention a couple of time that i will be able to discontinue my cable and other stuff,do i still have to be connected to internet and just cancel my tv programe and just use my lap top,and also i work in wooden area as i also use a different internet service;ie cogeco,videotron,tel-us…etc.will i have to reinstal everery time i change,because sometime a service provider works and sometime i have to switch from one to another and sometime i just c’ ant get any signal at all,except if i can get satellite connection,but way to xpensive cause have to get a tech man to readjuste the antena..! i know i’am asking a lot of question but i listen a lot of tv in my line of work and d’ont want to get into something i’ll be only using,then frustated because it d’ont and have to go back to the begening ,also can i cancel when i want or is therre hiding fees…! thank you very much in advance.hope it works.

    • says

      Christian, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      I mention a few times that once you have access to Hulu Plus you can think about cancelling your cable. You will still need an Internet connection to access Hulu Plus.

      I don’t personally have any experience with the Internet service providers you mention so I can’t say for sure.

      As for HMA, there are no hidden fees, no contracts or anything. You sign up for the length of service you desire (1, 6 or 12 months) and that’s it! All plans have a 30-day money back guarantee as well so it’s risk free to try.

    • says

      You will have to go through the process of buying another Vanilla MasterCard and Hulu Plus prepaid credit. Once you have your Hulu Plus credit make sure you log into your Hulu Plus account and then redeem your credit. This will add time to your subscription. You need to do this BEFORE your subscription expires.

  15. John says

    Hi, great guide. I followed all the instructions for self setup and everything seemed to go fine. I got the Vanilla Card, set it up as a U.S. card, got the zip code, have established a Hulu account, got and redeemed the Hulu gift certificate. I associated it with my Xbox so I can view it on my TV as I don’t have my computer attached to my TV. I can see my account on the Xbox and all the content, but when I go to play it I get a message that Hulu can only be played in the U.S. I have followed all the instructions for setting up Hulu for the Xbox in Canada (including changing it’s location setting to U.S.) and I am able to view everything on Hulu, but cannot play the shows. Do you have any suggestions?

    • says

      Hey, I’m glad you like the guide and were able to get a Hulu Plus account set up. How are you connecting your Xbox to the Internet? The way that I recommend getting this to work on an Xbox is to use a DD-WRT enabled router since you’re able to install HMA on the router. Then, once you have HMA on the router anything that is connected to the router will also be residing in the USA. Here is a guide on how to get this working with US Netflix, it’s essentially the same. Click here then scroll down to option 4 for the step-by-step guide. Let me know how it goes…

  16. John says

    Thanks for the advice. I have placed an order for the router. Hopefully this will solve the issue when it arrives.

  17. John says

    Just as a follow up: I am using the RT-N16 router and the configure site is There for example doesn’t appear to be a place to set the DHCP to Yes, or disable the STP, or Enable PPTP Encryption. Again any assistance would be appreciated.

  18. John says

    So I forgot that sometimes the simple solution is the correct one. The HMA had somehow got disconnected. Hulu is back up for the computer, but I can still no longer access shows from the Xbox at all. I have sent an e-mail off to HMA to see if they can help, but I was wondering if anyone else has set up their Xbox though the router? I know that it is possible to adjust the IP address of the Xbox manually, but I don’t know if I am supposed to match the Xbox IP to the HMA IP? Also when I entered the American IP address in the DD-WRT I selected the same city IP for HMA. However it looks as if the two IP address are different. Should I match the IP address in the DD-WRT to what is showing on the HMA dashboard?

  19. Mike says

    Hi, I’m about to take the plunge, but I have a question first: My instinct would be to get either a 6 month or a 12 month Hulu Plus subscription, just so I don’t have to worry about re-upping the subscription very often.

    My question is, is a 50 dollar Vanilla Mastercard bought in Canada enough to pay for a 6 month subscription in the US ($47.94)? Or, is a 100 dollar Vanilla Mastercard enough to cover 12 months ($95.88)?

    Basically, are the any taxes/exchange rates/other fees that I need to know about that affect the total cost of the subscription? Thanks for the guide!

    • says

      Mike, you won’t regret it… Hulu Plus is awesome! Exchange rates do factor into your purchase when using a Canadian Vanilla MasterCard so make sure there is enough room on there to get the length of time you want. You can buy any length of time at Hulu Plus between 1 and 12 months so you might just need to get 5 or 11 months and spend the rest of popcorn!

      Or, you could opt to go for the “done for you” version with the Hulu Plus Setup Service from

      Either way, please don’t forget to this guide with your friends 🙂 thanks!

      • Mike says

        Quick follow up – is it possible to use the “leftover” money on my Vanilla Mastercard towards Hulu if it’s less than the cost of one month’s subscription? Can I pay for one transaction with multiple cards, for example?

        • says

          Mike, you should be able to use your “leftover” money on the vanilla mastercard for whatever you want. You will have to purchase a Hulu gift card in multiples of 1 month at $7.99/month. So, as long as you have a little more than $8 on your card you should be able to get an extra month of Hulu Plus.

          I do not believe you can pay for one transaction with multiple cards but if each card has more than $8 on it then you could buy multiple 1 month Hulu Plus gift cards.

  20. Kc says

    Hi, I have an Insignia Blue Ray hooked up straight from a modem to my tv for Netflix…will this work for Hulu Plus also? Where on my blue ray do I access Hulu if it does?

    • says

      I have never personally tried it with the exact blue ray you have but what has worked for other players and set top boxes is as follows:

      You will need an intermediate step between your modem and your blue ray player. I recommend the this DD-WRT enabled router. You will need to flash it and then install HMA on the new DD-WRT enabled router. Once you have done this, when your blue ray connects to the special router it will appear to be residing in the USA.

      Also, make sure your blue ray player has the capabilities to stream hulu and Netflix before buying the special router.

  21. Dan says

    Hi! I bought the code and try to redeem it and I have this message is coming on : We’re sorry, you are ineligible to create an account. I paid for 1 month subscribtion. Tried it with the account I created first and got that message. I logged out and tried again and have the same message. I dont know what I did wrong. I have no idea on what to do!

    • says

      Dan, I’ve seen this before and have been able to get it to work by doing the following:

      1. Clear your cache
      2. Delete your cookies
      3. Turn on HMA
      4. Verify IP address is in USA and does not show up as an “anonymous” proxy” (if it does, change the location and check again)
      5. Go back to and try to redeem your code again

      I actually had this same problem in the video tutorial I made on how get Hulu Plus in Canada: (video will start at 5:58 which is where I experience, and fix, the problem you’re having).

      Let me know if this works.

  22. peter webster says

    I have an American Credit Card as I live 6 months
    in Canada and 6 months in USA. Can I use it instead
    of Canadian Vanilla Card?

  23. Clint Corbett says

    I’m planning on getting the “Done For You” procedure. But my biggest concern is accessing my account through my Wii. How will I go about watching my new service on the Wii and is there any risk that it may interfere with my Netflix account which already has a competitor VPN server to access US Netflix.
    Clint Corbett

    • says

      Roen, you do not actually pay for Hulu Plus using your Vanilla MasterCard. What you do is buy a prepaid gift card from Hulu Plus and then use that code to add the Hulu Plus credits to your account. Check out DIY Step #3 for further clarification.

  24. Roen says

    Thanks Brent. That work for me. I got Hulu Plus 1-year subscription and watching it also in my Roku media streamer. Love it.

    Great instructions and it help a lot. One thing I want to add is to do the VPN instructions (HMA) before everything else. I think that help my registration process to the mastercard and huluplus…

  25. Ernie says

    I want to go ahead and get huluplus either way. I just want to make sure I can watch it on any tv and laptop in the house and also on my s4 when im mobile. I read that I have to connect my tv or xbox (dont got an xbox so my tv if its possible to just connect a tv with no console)or whatever to a special flashed modem that I have to order seperate. My question is do I need a separate modem and then jave to flash it so my tv is through the router (again if thats possible I just wanna connect my tv dont got no gaming system) or can I just use my current telus router thats hooked up already and connecting my cable internet and home phone? And how can I watch it on my smartphone s4? Do I have to dl a vpn for my phone?

    • says

      Unless you have a Boxee Box you will need to have a DD-WRT enabled router so you can load HMA on that router and then have your wifi TV or other set top box connect to that network.

      You can load HMA on your S4 and other mobile devices and you can have HMA loaded up on all your laptops, desktops, etc.

      One word of caution if you’re looking to set up an Xbox to watch Hulu Plus. You will also need an Xbox Live Gold account in addition to your Hulu Plus account.

  26. Sheila says

    I am trying to sign up for the “done for you” option, however when I chose
    the 3 month option, it clicks to the paypal page where I have to sign in and make payment. However paypal won’t allow the payment to go through.
    Are you able to invoice me?

    • says

      Good call choosing the “done for you” options. Please send an email to support @ buyprepaidcredits . com to see if they can send you an alternate payment option.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      P.s. I just tested the payment system and it worked for me.

  27. Sheila says

    Thanks Brent. I have no idea why it won’t work. I’ve sent an email as requested. I want to pay with PayPal. I’ve also sent a reply to PayPal to see what’s up, but my acct is working as just this morning my Netflix payment came out.
    Hoping support can just send me an invoice through PayPal tha I can login in and pay.

  28. Sheila says

    Hi Brent, I just tried it on another computer and it worked just fine! Payment has been sent successfully!
    Now to await the final step.
    I’ll comment when everything is up and running!
    Thanks for the quick replies and support!

    • says

      YEAH!!! 🙂 Glad you were able to get it PayPal working from a different computer.

      You’re very welcome for the quick replies and support… that’s what I’m here for! Thank YOU for your comments.

      Enjoy Hulu Plus!!!

  29. Ernie says

    So your saying I can watch huluplus on my s4 for sure? Im just wondering cause I tried another vpn free version to be able to check out hot 97 from n.y as theyve taken it off of the tunein radio app. I was able to load it on iheart radio on the vpn on my laptop but not my phone. I have heard its because my phone is locked to a Canadian provider and it would probably work if my phone was from the states or unlocked. I know you dont know what vpn I used and I did use the free version of their app’, however are you saying if I go with your recomended vpn app’, that I’ll be able to load all the cool apps from the states that I want? Ei; huluplus, iheart radio, us netflix, etc? If I can use these apps without unlocking my phone then I’ll try it. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • says

      Ernie, thanks reading and for your comment. If you can set up a PPTP IP Address on your S4 then you will be able to use HMA on your S4.

      There are some apps that will also use the location services on your phone that will check your location that way too so if this is the case then make sure to disable the location service for these apps.

      I don’t personally have an S4 so I can’t actually test this for you. What I recommend is signing up for HMA and it, for some reason, it doesn’t work then use their 30-day money back guarantee and as for a refund.

      Sound like a plan?

  30. nash says


    I wanted to watch HuluPlus here in canada. I am from USA, so I do have a valid US credit card available, that I even use now. I am here in Canada for 2 years or so, I was wondering if I could use the US credit card to open my Hulu PLUS account and then sign up with HMA. Would that work to watch Hulu PLUS on my Mac at home?
    Currently I don’t have a hulu account at all. So i was thinking to sign up with my US credit card and then get a HMA account and use that to watch Hulu Plus? Is that possible?


    • says

      Hey Nash, thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, since you already have a US-based credit card you will be able to sign up for Hulu Plus. Just remember that, when you’re in Canada, you will need HMA so you can virtually reside in the USA.

      Welcome to Canada! I hope you enjoy living here!

  31. Roen says

    I already have hulu + subscription here in Canada and it is working already with my Roku 2XS and playstation players. I recently bought a netgear neotv max at FutureShop but it does not have the option to add Hulu+ as one of the channels. Does anyone know how to add it?
    Is it because I bought it here in Canada? If I buy the same device in the US would Hulu plus be available then when I bring it here in Canada? As mention previously, I already have Hulu plus subscription and it is working fine with other players mention above.
    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      You should be able to use your Netgear NeoTV to watch Hulu Plus. I haven’t personally tested it as I do not have one but here are some things to try.

      Check the settings of the device and see if you can change the location setting and/or timezone to be in the USA.

      You will also likely need a DD-WRT enabled router so you can load HMA onto that router. Doing this makes everything connected to that WiFi network virtually reside in the USA. You might have to do this step before you’re able to add the Hulu Plus app for example.

      Basically it comes down to tricking the device to thinking that it’s residing in the USA. So, check the settings and make sure that the Internet connection it’s connecting to is virtually residing in the USA.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

      • Roen says

        Thanks Brent for your quick reply.

        There is no option in netgear neotv max to change the location and/or timezone. I already tried resetting it to factory booting it behind my router which is setup for to make it think it is in the US as it normally checks for updates at startup but Hulu+ is still not added.

        Im guessing that it determines if it is a Canadian neotv by its serial number.

        Thanks for your assistance anyway.

  32. Nash says

    Hello Brent,

    Thanks for the quick response. I love this site. Its excellent.

    So like i said in my previous message, I have a US credit card as i lived there. For me the process would be
    Step 1 – create a Hulu plus account with my US credit card.
    Step 2 – Sign up at HMA
    Step 3 – Download and launch HMA
    Step 4 – WHAT DO I DO NOW? In the process written above it says that you have to make a gift account etc, do I have to do the same thing? Or does HMA automatically delivers it. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks & Regards

    • says

      Thanks again for the kind words, I love hearing that this site is helping others. THANK YOU for reading and taking the time to comment.

      If you’re signing up from Canada, and have a US-based credit card, you will want to follow these steps:

      1. Sign up at HMA
      2. Download and launch HMA so you’re connected to a US server
      3. Sign up at Hulu Plus with your US-based credit card. Since you have a US-based credit card you do not have to buy a gift card. Just sign up as you normally would and Hulu Plus will charge your US-based credit card each month for your subscription.
      4. Watch Hulu Plus from Canada

      Does that all make sense? Let me know if you need more help.

  33. Om says

    I live in Canada, and want to buy American ROKU3, so that we are able to watch dish networld for international programing.

    I want buy your huluplus service. Is it possible to get that channel “dish networld” and what are charges for your sevice.

    Om Goel

  34. Josh says

    My brother lives in Texas and uses Hulu Plus and Netflix. Can I somehow use his account while I’m in Canada? Is there a way to save money there? I’m not sure how the whole VPN thing would work.

  35. James Claydon says

    Love your guide but just a heads up. The do it yourself option won’t work anymore because most cards are now sold pre-registered or are activated at the store where you buy them. The vanilla site doesn’t have a country selection now . I made sure I was logged into hma. The service that does it for you still works tho.


    • says

      I will give the DIY method a try over the next couple of days to try to confirm this or find a new work around. I’m glad that the Hulu Plus Starter Packs are still an option. They really should be the only way you should get a Hulu Plus account from outside of Canada because the DIY method can be so annoying anyway! Thanks for the heads up… I’ll let you know what I figure out.

  36. Frank says

    Hi, I just got a Netgear NeoTV and am wondering what the best way to get HULU Plus is with this device. I imagine the registration process to be the same. But I cannot figure out how to trick my router into thinking it is in the U.S.

    • says

      You will need to have a router that is DD-WRT enabled so you can install HMA directly on the router. Once you’re able to do this then anything that is connecting to that router will be virtually residing in the USA. Let me know if you need anymore help. Thanks for the comment.

  37. Ross says

    Hi. Am new to the forum and have a couple questions. I am guessing the majority of clients are living close to a US city/server, ie Toronto/Buffalo, Vancouver/Seattle etc. What about other places in the country, I live in Southern Alberta and my guess is the nearest servers would be Denver or San Francisco or Seattle. Will I experience significant lag connecting to a server that far away vs omeone in Vancouver connecting to a server in Seattle

    Secondly, my kids do a lot of online gaming, on ps3 xbox and speed/lag are mportant to them. Am I robbing them of the speed, lack of lag, by connecting to a server 1500 miles away.

    Lastly, and I suspect No is the answer, but aside from having two separate internet lines into the house, is there anyway to have only certain lines from the router connected to hma and the others not

    Thanks for your time


    • says

      Ross, I have connected to HMA servers as far away as Japan from Canada and was able to watch Hulu just fine. I also have connected to servers in South America to watch the Latin American version of Netflix in Canada. Speed should not be an issue.

      From Southern Alberta your best bests will be the servers in Seattle, Chicago, Salt Lake, etc. but honestly, I very rarely have a problem with speed. When you do, simply connected to a new server after running the speed analysis built right into HMA and connect to the fastest server available.

      Also, I believe you should be able to add a DD-WRT enabled router as a connection point in your network meaning you would have two wifi networks in your house. The first one that is connected to the Internet at the source would not have HMA installed on it and anything connected to that router would act just as normal. Anything connected to the second wifi network that does have HMA installed on it would be virtually residing in another locations.

      I have never tried the two router setup personally, so I can’t say for sure. I’m guessing with a little more research you should be able to get it working. Let me know if I can help out any further. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

  38. Mike says

    I’m following all the steps but get this error on my iPad:

    “Your account is not valid in this region” even with the VPN on.

    Any tips? I have signed up for Hulu successfully but able to download it on my iPad but can’t login to my Hulu account.

    • says

      Make sure you clear your cookies, cache and history before trying to watch Hulu Plus from Canada. Also, turn off your location services while you’re trying to watch. Let me know if you’re still having troubles… I’m here to help.

    • says

      It would work just fine if Hulu Plus had the rights to stream “The Americans” but they don’t. Here is what they say (specifically about the show, “The Americans”): “We currently don’t have the rights to make this show available on your TV or mobile devices”.

      Sorry, for this particular show, this isn’t going to work for you. For thousands of other options on Hulu Plus, this is absolutely work. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  39. A.J. says

    Hi Brent,
    I was trying to do your DIY version but Vanilla Mastercard’s website isn’t showing a register card option. Did you get a chance to try it again like you mentioned to James Claydon? I went out and bought a card that might not be useful…

    • A.J. says

      …sorry I seemed to have resolved that issue myself but am still having trouble purchasing a hulu plus gift card. i bought my vanilla mastercard tonight, brought it home and went through the steps to register it. now that i’m on the purchase page for 3 month hulu plus gift cards i click continue and purchase and “Sorry, this action resulted in an error. Please try again.” come up, as well as two other messages occasionally. Is this because there is some type of waiting period for the mastercard to register the zip code, or do I actually have to just keep clicking “purchase over and over until it finally accepts. I’ve pushed the button over 50 times now, but yet don’t have the cash to spend on Hulu Plus Starter Pack done for you option. Thanks for the help and advice.

      • says

        The Vanilla MasterCard is supposed to be ready right away so I’m not sure which end it’s being stopped by. I have found that waiting overnight is a good idea if you are getting this error message. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

  40. Sergio says

    hi brent, im currently with telus, the internet is great but the tv packages suck, way to expensive, compare to this, my question is that i have that telus wireless router (Actiontech model:V1000h) and i tried to look for it from the dd-wrt website but no luck, it wont show me the model or anything if it is supported or not, do i have to get a new router that supports the dd-wrt flash?
    Thank you!

  41. bratyel says

    Hello is there a way to purchase vanilla card online?? I’m not from US I wanted to buy a product from us store where it only excepts US cards. Can anyone please me or guide me to get a prepaid virtual card from us . thanks

  42. Scott says

    I’d just like to confirm that as of June 15, 2014 this service 100% still works! Thanks for this super rad guide!

  43. Jim says

    Hello…just downloaded HMA and Got everything set up as per all the instructions. I’m able to access Hulu for a moment then get an error message telling me “Based on your IP Address, we notice you are trying to access Hulu Plus through an anonymous proxy tool…etc etc and wont let me continue. I’ve tried changing the IP address in HMA and set up an auto IP address change set of every 30 seconds. No luck. Any I doing something wrong or have I missed a step? Help!

    • says

      Jim, don’t worry… we’ll get you all squared away. The first thing is that you won’t want to have HMA set to auto-change at all. Each time it does change you will lose your internet connection for a little bit and it will make watching Hulu Plus essentially impossible.

      You will want HMA to use one IP address. For the best results, clean your cookies, cache, history in your internet browser and then turn on HMA. Then launch hulu plus and log in.

      You might need to do this a few times choosing a new HMA location until one works. Honestly though, it’s still working for me so keep giving it a try. It really should work. Let me know if you need more help!

  44. Tanya says

    Hi Brent

    We have gone through the set up. HMA works really well and watched us netflix all last night. We had to wait a day to try hulu. We tried again today and got a message saying the product is not available and when we checked he balance on the vanilla card it shows that there was a charge for the gift card. Unfortunately we have not yet received an email with out code. How long does it generally take for the code to arrive in your inbox?? And if something got mixed up how can we reverse the charge so we can try again??

    • says

      Glad to hear that HMA is working well for you. Not sure about if you’ll be able to reverse the charges or not… When I have done it in the past, and didn’t have to mess around with the DIY method for hours, the code was delivered right away. Not sure why you didn’t get yours… sorry to hear that. I would suggest going for a done for you account from

  45. Chris says

    I was able to set up a Hulu Account using VPN and have applied the Vanilla credit card to the Account. I am however stumped when it comes to downloading a HuluPlus App. Every time I try to access it automatically takes me to the Canadian ITunes site and Hulu App do not exist there. How can I get a copy of the App?

  46. pam says

    Hi there,

    I’m already virtually residing in the USA so it would just be a matter of getting the vanilla cc and buying hulu plus credit, is that right. How do I install hulu plus on ps3? I can access the us Netflix from my ps3 but don’t see an option to install hulu plus from the Sony store. Any ideas?

    • says

      Yes, if you are already virtually residing in the USA all you will need now is the Hulu Plus account. You can try the Vanilla MasterCard DIY method but it can be tricky and a painful process. I always recommend the done for you method from Buy Preppaid Credits as it’s quick and easy.

      As for your PS3, here is a guide on how to get it working. I’ve never tried it as I don’t have a PS3. Good luck!

  47. Mike says

    When I try to purchase the gift subscription using the Vanilla Mastercard, I get “Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred”. If I try a few more times, the message changes to “Sorry, the product you selected is invalid”. Why is this happening?

    • says

      The DIY process can be messy and that is why I always recommend the done for you method. In my experience, when you see that error. Forget about it for the day, have a good night sleep and try again tomorrow. Or, use the Vanilla MasterCard for something else and order up a starter pack from Buy Prepaid Credits.

  48. David says

    Hi – if I already have US hulu +, Netflix and Spotify accounts (live in US), can I access them using HMA when I move to Canada? Or do I have to open new accounts?

    • says

      Yes, if you already have your accounts there is no need to cancel them and start over. You will need HMA so you can virtually reside in the USA once you arrive in Canada in order to make them work.

    • Doug says


      I’m from the US too. I’ve been in Canada for 14 years. One of the best things you can do is DO NOT give up your US credit cards! Use a relative or friend’s mailing address. Get your statements online so the only thing you’ll need to have is your replacement credit card mailed to you every few years. Phone number doesn’t matter if it’s in the US or Canada, as long as you can answer it and call from it when you need to activate a new card. I use my parents address with my Canadian phone number and it works fine.

      Having a US credit card and combining it with a VPN connection will allow you to purchase and rent movies on MGO, Amazon Instant Video, have a hulu+ account, US Apple ID (very useful for US only apps and movies, although Apple doesn’t use geo-fencing) and buy online from US vendors that are not setup to accept foreign credit cards (have the package sent to family and pickup when you visit or have them forward as a “gift”).

      Other very useful advice: Get Ooma for your phone before you move. You’ll be able to port your US number to it so friends and family can still call you in Canada as a local call, plus you’ll get a second number you can use for Canada, call all of Canada and US for free and the whole system will be able to ring at your home, forward to your ridiculously expensive Canadian cell phone (you’re in for a shock) or ring both home and cell at the same time. Best of all, Ooma quality is excellent it’s only $14 a month!

      Also, on the subject of cell phone, look into the cost of a US cell phone with a Canadian voice/data roaming package. Some people claim it’s cheaper.
      Unless you’re moving to Quebec, expect to pay starting prices in Canada of $65/month for 200 min and 500 MB of data.

      Good luck.

  49. Fiona Rushworth says

    Can you confirm, it will cost $177 for the starter kit and the $6.55 per month for the HMA and the $7.99 per month for Hulu plus ?

  50. karen says

    Just wondering if this still works now in november 2014.

    i followed the steps and have set the vpn for an isp in boston and i am getting a message from hulu that they noticed that i am not in the USA and cannot watch hulu, and this is after i set up the hulu account and they accepted my boston adderess and the prepaid credit card

    • says

      Yes, VPN is still working. Try clearing your cookies and cache, changing HMA locations and trying again. Keep changing your HMA location until you get one that works.

  51. Tan says

    please respond either by email or in comments what to do when Hulu won’t work this way as it will not work over VPN,,

    • says

      VPN is still working to watch Hulu Plus from outside of the USA. A few tips are to clear your cookies and cache, turn HMA on and connect to a US-based location, then head over to Hulu and log in. Let me know if you need more help.

  52. Nilanka says

    Just checking to see if this guide still works. I heard Netflix, Hulu+, etc. will soon be placing restrictions on DNS or VPN connected accounts.

    I’m hoping to get setup with HMA soon, but want to watch on my Roku and Chromecast. Unfortunately, I don’t know what a DD-WRT enabled router is. Do you know if I can get around needing a special router if I use the Plex Media Server instead, and stream everything directly from my PC?

    Are there any special steps needed for adding US Amazon content?

  53. says

    Hi My Name is Khan, if I ask my friend living in US to set up Hulu Plus account for me and I get your service for HMA (subscribe and download in Canada) on my computer , will it work to watch Hulu Plus , if yes then how? what are steps involved?
    In this way I don’t have to buy Hulu Plus from ebay.
    Kindly let me know ASAP.
    Also is it still working in Canada as of Jan 21 , 2015.

  54. Judy says

    If I am currently with a server in Canada and I purchase the Huluplus and my server is redirected in the US, do I lose my Canadian server? Would I need a another computer just to watch Huluplus so I don’t lose my current server?

    • says

      You can turn HMA on and off with the click of your mouse. when you want to watch Hulu Plus from Canada you can turn HMA on and virtually reside in the USA. When you want to be connected to your local Canadian server, you can turn HMA off. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    • says

      You don’t need a magic box (I’m not even sure what that is?)… All you need is a HMA account and a Hulu Plus account which you can get by following the steps in this guide. Let me know if you need more help.

  55. Judy says

    A magic box is like a boxee, I have a HMDI cable and this will work as well.
    I signed up for HMA but received an error message saying my order has failed when I submitted payment on my paypal account. Is it because my account is in Canada?

    • says

      Where are you getting the error? When you sign up for Hulu Plus? Are you using a Canadian credit card? If you are, I’d recommend just picking up some Hulu Plus gift cards on eBay and then use those to sign up for a Hulu Plus account from Canada.

  56. Niall says

    I’ve had a subscription to Netflix for a while now, plus a subscription to which, as you might know, is similar to HMA allows me to access not only U.S Netflix, but other Netflix regions internationally. I had to go into my control panel and make a few adjustments to the I.P and DNS number in order to get unblock-us to work.

    What I want to know is if I download and set up VPN HMA to get hulu plus as you have instructed, will that effect my unblock-us account in anyway?
    Hulu plus looks and sounds way better than netflix, but I don’t want to loose it completely or have to go through some process of changing my settings when alternating between one or the other.

    • says

      I’m not 100% sure how HMA will interact with unblock-us as I’ve never personally tried it. HMA also lets you access different regions as they have servers all over the world that you can connect to. The best way to find out, is to give HMA a try. Rest assured that it’s risk free to try since they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

  57. Claudia says

    Previously, I subscribed to Hulu Plus through my Roku account, using Unblock-US. I believe HMA and Unblock-US perform exactly the same function, so you should only need one or the other. Certainly wouldn’t pay for both, without making sure you have to.

    • says

      Very true, you don’t need both. The end result is the same, they just go about it differently. What I like about HMA is that it provides you a secure tunnel to surf through.

    • says

      I haven’t heard of anyone saying it hasn’t worked. The great thing about eBay is you can pay using PayPal and your purchase is protected by their buyer’s protection policy. Should be completely safe.

  58. Judy says

    I bought the gift card and it worked perfectly, thank you so much. If I buy a 2nd gift card, can I add it to my Hulu account so my subscription lasts for two years instead of one and if so; how do I do it?

  59. Chris says

    I see the last post is in March. I’m seriously considering trying this as Shaw has announced a rate increase August pushing me over the $100 mark. Is all this still valid?

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