The Dangers of Public WiFi and How To Protect Yourself

Using public WiFi hot spots these days is like playing Russian roulette with your personal and private information including your passwords and credit card information.

It’s amazing how easy it is for hackers to steal your login and passwords for sites like facebook, gmail, twitter and even your online banking and even more sensitive things like your credit card information.

It’s so easy in fact, that even a 7 year old who knows how to search Google can figure it out just like you saw in the video above.

Are you one of the millions of people that have their credit card information saved on file at an online stores or shopping site? If the hackers can get your login and password to one of those site your wallet, credit rating and even your identity could be at risk. Pretty scary… isn’t it?

The Internet can be a scary place if you don’t know how to protect yourself online from the dangers of public wifi.

As CBS News reports in this news segment video, if you must use wifi hotspots experts say it’s a good idea to purchase a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, that will encrypt your information and keep hackers from stealing what no one else should see”.

I have been using HMA Pro VPN since 2011 and I love knowing that HMA is protecting me by encrypting my internet connection when I’m using a public WiFi hotspot.

I have HMA installed on both of my laptop and the super awesome thing too is that I can even use HMA on my iPhone to protect myself when I’m connecting to wifi on my smartphone (it also works on androids and most smartphones and tablet too).

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  1. Mary W says

    I had no idea it was that easy. I connect to public wifi all the time to check email and facebook. I’m going to get a VPN right now. Thanks for sharing the dangers. I’m sharing this with everyone I know!

    • says

      It is crazy how vulnerable most public wifi surfers are and how they don’t think twice about it. I always make sure I’ve got HMA when surfing the web on a pubic wifi hotspot. Stay safe my friend.

  2. Eric says

    Wow, I’m officially never logging into public wifi without using hma. No wonder I get so many twitter DMs where people are telling me to go look at a crazy picture of me doing something crazy.

  3. Starbucks Junkie says

    I work on my laptop almost daily at Starbucks. Sometimes I log into sketchy wifi networks that I can pick up from my favorite location since they are typically faster then the slow Starbucks wifi. I’m not worried that I’ve been letting hackers have a free look up my “skirt”. I will now laugh in their faces since I’m protected. I’m almost embarrassed to admit but I had NO idea it was this easy to get tricked.

    • says

      Woah, give hackers a free look up your skirt?!? You’re crazy!

      I’m glad that you’re now wise to their ways and can block them with some serious encryption from HMA.

    • says

      One of the problem here is that when you connect to an unsecure wifi network you might be connecting to a network set up by a hacker. If this is the case they act as the Internet Service Provider and can see everything you are doing.

      So, your firewalls might protect you from them installing a virus on your computer but they can still see you log into different site and if you’re doing any banking or using a credit card they can steal this information.

      By using a VPN you are encrypting your Internet connection and routing it through a secure server which protects you from a hacker sniffing out your info.

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